This week we’ll have the pleasure to enjoy some music chosen for us by a milestone in the German electronic movement and backbone of the European scene.

There are few accurate bios that manage to carefully collect all the aspects of thirty years of activity. But, without fear of denial, we can say that Dorian Paic represents electronic music in almost all its forms.

Dorian Paic at Pacha – Ibiza

Tempered by a constant role as a protagonist in the clubs and raves of the German scene already in the mid-90s, besides having witnessed all the fervor of House and Techno electronic discography working in one of the best German record stores, Freebase Records, Dorian is one of the most distinguished representatives of Sven V?th’s Cocoon Records Not forgetting Raum Musik, the label he runs, which since its foundation (1998) is an ambassador of minimal sound, today more bright than ever.

Live at Legends Festival – Uruguay

We should use many more words to talk about an important brick in the wall of club culture, but let’s leave room for the music that will wisely take you to the right dimension. Here’s Dorian’s playlist!