Marcolino is one of those characters who are part of a restricted elite within the Italian electronic scene: a circle of artists who have contributed to keep alive the buzz of the best years when the movement was at its peak, as well as keeping a firm love for that dreamy and romantic black plastic thing we see spinning every weekend: vinyl.

He is a personality that in these years of “downsizing” and evolution of the scene, has established himself as a key player in the musical legion of Rome, with the residency in what is considered by many the most beautiful club in Italy for its architecture, soundsystem and continuity in the artistic offer: the Goa Club.

Marcolino live #giuperquellescale few months ago!


But Marcolino’s real contribution to the movement comes through “Ultrasuoni“, the very central vinyl shop he runs, a must for local and international DJs on their way from the capital to the perfect dj set.

In the past years in front of the mixer, Marco has joined real pillars of electronic music, House Music in particular, made in its classic and more romantic style, creating feeling and excellent feedback.
After the amazing performance of a few months ago within the walls of our club, Marcolino comes back to us in these quarantine times, to give us his most intimate side with a dedicated playlistthat gives us a new business card of a 360-degree music lover.

No more chitchat, enjoy!