Artists with history or significant roots in their own community’s musical history are the ones we are most passionate about.

A few months have passed since our last posting, but we believe that this time will be rewarded by telling you about the DJ and musician of today’s episode.

Dee Jason, also known as Jason Carich, is a dj and pioneer of the electronic scene in Buenos Aires, with over 30 years of experience behind him.

He has the esteem of artists like Norm Talley, Jorge Savoretti or Josh Milan, just to mention a few, and today Jason stands out with the sound we love the most, a style that is the outcome of tireless research in the maze of Chicago House and Detroit Techno, combined with flawless dynamic and surgical technique.

All this ability is the result of a story that astonishes us. His past has seen him a member of the Urban Groove collective, a group that in the dawn of the ’90s in Buenos Aires proposed cutting-edge music and techno shows that were not limited to single performances, but with consoles set up with SEVEN turntables, played simultaneously by all members and rearranged by Diego Cid on the main mixer.

Long story short, a scenario like this recalls the similar ones gathered in Europe by the well-known personalities who had a sparkling career in electronic music worldwide.

Dee Jason is a dj to follow that persuades us even more in considering the Latin American electronic scene as a panorama full of gems to be discovered.

Almost forgot… Enjoy!


1- Theo Parrish w/ Maurissa Rose – This is For You ( Sound Signature)

2 – Glenn Underground – Tempestuous ( Strictly Jaz Unit )

3- Norm Talley – Magic Wand (Sudd Wax)

4 – Lil Louis – How I Feel ( Dance Mania )

5 – Andy Vaz – Sankolige (We Will Always Be A Love Song)

6 – Scan 7 – Here to There ( Transmat )

7 – Charly Brown – The Twilight Zone ( Guidance )

8 – Kemetic Just Pres Terrance Downs – Here For it (Deeper Tech Dub)- ( NDATL )

9- Sean McCabe Feat Cinnamon Brown – It?s my Life (Jovonn?s Life Dub Remix) (Good Vibrations)

10- Andr?s – Pleasure ( Mahogani Music )

11 – Blacks & Blues – Spin (2000 Black)

12 – Omar – Benefit (Alton Miller Remix) – ( People Of Earth )

13- Ricardo Miranda – Termin? Mi Amor (Vega Records)

14 – Mateo & Matos – Idris Rises (Spiritual Life Music )

15 – Patrice Scott – Moments & Concepts ( Sistrum )

16 – Josh Milan – Your Body (Vega Records Ltd )

17 – Gregory Porter – On My Way To Harlem (Kai Alc? Interpretation) ( white label )

18- Waajeed – Abracadabra ( Deviation )

19- Black Tongue – Black Tongue 01

20 – Detroit ?s Filthiest – No Strings Attached ( Philthtrax )