Cover credit: Riccardo Banfi

There is a number of artists who – while the market implements and suggests simple logic or concepts with sometimes limited meaning – are faithful to their principles, guided by their beliefs and convictions, and like real gold diggers they search for the”great nugget” guided by their intuition.

Paquita Gordon at Terraforma, Milan. Credits: Terraforma

Thinking about Paquita Gordon, the desire to describe her with many grand similarities is great, but we will do our best to hold back our enthusiasm and maintain the discipline.

Milanese by origin, but a citizen of the world, with a warm and enveloping voice almost to the point of being nicknamed “soul sister”, he has come a long way, before arriving at fully deserved stages, Berghain Panorama Bar, Dekmantel & Boiler Room included.

Paquita live at Dekmantel 2019

But let’s get back to her: an all-colour-vinyl dj who in the plastic record finds a real faith, professed in the last ten years in the AV-Netwerk e The Gordon Nights parties between London, Venice, Milan and Rome or around the world among clubs, theatres and cultural centres, besides the residences at Plastic in Milan and at Terraforma, the first of the unconventional festivals.

Paquita is also the curator of some projects with her association “Il Vulcano”, linked to the volcanic areas of Sicily, and her background is not only musical but also linked to the art of cinema.

All these ingredients give a unique and deep flavor to the playlistthat we can taste today, and that makes us glimpse in her a journey that will have much to give in the future of tomorrow.

Live at OVERSIZEit

So, Enjoy <3 or:
?Let the record Find You!? (cit.)